House Party Makes West Coast Grocery Debut

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House Party Makes West Coast Grocery Debut

Monday, January 30th, 2023

Napa, California – House Party Cheesy Sauces are now available at select Whole Foods Market Stores in Northern California.

Though available in select restaurants, university campuses and sports arenas since 2019, House Party will first appear on California grocery store shelves in the chip aisles this month with this Whole Foods Market debut. House Party is . The Whole Foods Market launch comes after the company was selected as a finalist in the grocery chain’s first-ever Local and Emerging Accelerator Program (LEAP). 

Bringing vegetables to the chip aisle, the flagship product from House Party rivals dairy cheese sauce from cows for nutrition, environmental impact and taste. The sauces boast a nutrition panel free of synthetic colorings, and other flavors,  additives and preservatives commonly found in dairy-based cheese sauce.  House Party makes a timely debut on store shelves as consumers demand healthier twists on classic comfort foods and more sustainable snacking options.


About House Party

Based in Northern California, House Party makes cheesy sauces from vegetables– with a more nutritious label, allergy-free ingredient list and smaller environmental footprint in comparison to cheese sauce made from animals. The Public Benefit Company was founded in 2019 by Lauren Joyner, formerly a brand and UX designer at notable startups such as Lookout, Inc. and Crew App and Ascent program mentee/mentor for emerging female leaders in tech at Sequoia Capital.


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